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11 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia

There’s an enchantment that casts a spell on tourists over this charming but mysterious kingdom. The ancient and modern worlds clash in Cambodia to create an authentic adventure. These are the 11 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia.

The coastline of sandy white beaches tempts every sun sloth. The jungle-swathed countryside is geared up for the more intrepid, and the buzzing capital of Phnom Penh envelops visitors in the frenetic pulse of contemporary Cambodian city life.

11. Banteay Chhmar

Banteay Chhmar, Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia
Photo by : cambodia_kow

To many, the ideal antidote to over-tourist Angkor and over-commercialized Siem Reap is Banteay Chmmar. Visit to stay in a traditional Khmer homestay and visit with hardly another soul on site, beautiful ancient sites. While the main attraction is the central site of Banteay Chmmar, a longer stay is encouraged by satellite temples and the rural climate.Angkor sees more tourists in a day than Banteay Chmmar sees in a year, but this is not a busy spot.

10. Preah Vihear

Preah Vihear Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia
Photo by : bee5040

Preah Vihear is a fairly large province in northern Cambodia. It is among one of the 11 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia. The name of its capital is Phnom Tbeng Meanchey. The province itself is named after Prasat Preah Vihear’s temple, which is certainly this province’s hotspot. A substantial part of the province is highly remote and forested. Preah Vihear Temple is an ancient Hindu temple built during the period of the Khmer Empire, that is situated atop a 525-metre cliff in the Dângrêk Mountains, in the Preah Vihear province, Cambodia.

9. Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia
Photo by : pics.cambodia

Most tourists come to the south to reach Sihanoukville’s beach or use the city as a jump-off point to the islands, their white sands washed by humid, shallow waters. Sihanoukville sits on a peninsula jutting into the Gulf of Thailand, with its gently sheltered coastline scalloped with tree-fringed white-sand beaches and hazy islands enticingly looming out at sea.

8. Sambor Prei Kuk

Sambor Prei Kuk Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia
Photo by : leosuwandi

The first capital of Chenla, founded around 613 A.D., was Sambor Prei Kuk in the Kampong Thong province of Cambodia (originally known as Isanapura). Sambor Prei Kuk is just a few hours away and has recently been awarded the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in order to recognize its significant role in Cambodian history.

7. Angkor Wat at sunrise

Angkor Wat Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia
Photo by : izyphotos001

In Cambodia, Angkor Wat is an ancient city that was the hub of the Khmer empire that once controlled much of Southeast Asia. This civilization went extinct, but not before the construction of impressive temples and buildings that for hundreds of years were reclaimed by the jungle. The area and ruins are always breathtaking to see, although this place is still filled with visitors.

6. Cardamom Mountains

Cardamom Mountains
Photo by : _travel_tina

Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains and its endangered flora and fauna may well be under threat from illegal logging and poaching, but the vast blanket of tropical rainforest remains one of Southeast Asia’s most pristine expanses of wilderness. Thanks to recent improvements to access and the development of community-led projects, visiting the area is getting easier.

The Cardamom Mountains are Southeast Asia’s largest remaining rainforest, covering more than 4.4 million hectares of rainforest in southwestern Cambodia. The expansive forest, populated by a swathe of endangered species, is also home to around 25,000 people, many of whom are ethnic minorities.

5. Kep National Park

Kep National Park
Photo by : onion_piee

Kep National Park, located in the southeast of Cambodia, provides one of the country’s only hiking and national park experiences that does not require a guide. The green mountain ranges offer stunning scenery and views of the Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam and the Bokor Ranges of Cambodia itself.The main entrance to Kep National Park is located behind the Veranda Resort, which is accessible from the NR33A main road. Only follow the gravel roads up to the base of the mountains to get to Kep National Park and you can find yourself on the Mountain Trail.

4. Battambang

Photo by : northstardestinations

Battambang is often ignored. The obvious Cambodian trump cards are lacking: no golden beaches, no buzz in the capital city, no Angkor Wat. Underneath its sleepy persona is a bubbling undercurrent of creativity, often fuelled by the expat community. A smattering of arty boutique hotels, quirky cafés and innovative restaurants are among the urban draws, while the lush surrounding countryside is ideal for excursions. 

3. Tonlé Sap Lake

Tonlé Sap Lake
Photo by : yuri_adventurenote

This large lake covering 1,000 square miles (2,600 square kilometers) is not only Southeast Asia’s largest body of fresh water, it is also a biosphere designated by UNESCO because of its remarkable natural features. Over the course of the year, the water flow in Tonlé Sap changes direction twice, expanding and contracting with the seasons.Many individuals rely on the Tonle Sap and its ebbs and flows to sustain life, and this fact of life is known by all in Southeast Asia.The people along the Tonle Sap are a happy people and life revolves around the flowing of their Great Lake. When the rains start in June or July, the water level begins to rise dramatically.

2. National Museum of Cambodia

National Museum of Cambodia
Photo by : dinozaurk

The National Museum of Cambodia houses the finest collection of Khmer sculpture in the world: worth a millennium and more of masterful Khmer architecture.The museum also includes exhibits of pottery and bronzes dating from the Funan and Chenla pre-Angkorian periods, the Indravarman era and the Angkorian classical period, as well as more recent works, such as a beautiful royal wooden barge.Note that visitors are not allowed to photograph the collection, only the central courtyard. English-, French-, Spanish- and Japanese-speaking guides are available for tours (US$6). A comprehensive booklet, The New Guide to the National Museum (US$15), is available at the front desk, while the smaller Khmer Art in Stone (US$2) covers some signature pieces. There are also audio guides available in eight languages (US$5).

1. The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace
Photo by : findingtruthintraveling_so

The Royal Palace of Cambodia and the nearby Silver Pagoda provide fascinating insights into the history and present of Cambodia. The beautifully manicured grounds and ornate houses, dotted with history, also offer a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of surrounding capital life, making a trip to the Royal Place a must on the itinerary of any tourist.Large sections of the spacious grounds and formal gardens, including imaginative topiary, fanned palmyra, vibrant bougainvillea and Parisian-inspired paths, are open to the public. The official royal residence, however, remains, so the areas dedicated to royal life are inaccessible to visitors.

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